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23 Feb. 2017 

Copiers: Gold Mines for Identity Theft

Your doctor, lawyer, or tax preparer could all be unwittingly giving away your very private information. And they're doing it by using copy machines. You may already be a victim and not even know it, reports Tony Lopez of CBS Station KOVR in Sacramento.

The copy machine is an important and seemingly harmless part of our lives. And when it's time to upgrade, the old ones are sometimes sent to e-waste centers for recycling, but usually they wind-up in a wholesale warehouse on the used copier market.

KOVR went to one of two in Sacramento with John Juntunen, an expert on the copy machine business. There were hundreds of machines, shrink wrapped, and ready to shipment.

"You're looking at 15, 20 thousand documents each" Juntunen says - documents that still reside inside. Most copy machines use hard drives to store every document that has been scanned, printed, faxed, or e-mailed.

That electronic file will stay there until someone removes it or new documents push out the oldest ones.

"But this machine here, I can tell it Download Driver hasn't been cleaned because of the IP-address on it" he says.

Juntunen, and his company Digital Copier Security, specialize in removing the data on those drives; they're hired by companies who know the importance of doing that before getting rid of their copiers.

As easy as tapping the screen, he finds files and is able to print them. One is Printer Driver a confidential child support application.

Like any potential buyer can do here, he connects a computer that allows him to see, download and print whatever is on the hard drive of one of these copiers.

One is a local machine from McCarthy Construction, a major commercial builder. On it, he finds what are clearly marked "confidential" financial statements.

We took it to their Roseville office. A vice president confirmed it is highly confidential, but was confused about how we had gotten it; he didn't want to talk beyond that.

"So here's documents that are stored on the machine" Juntunen shows us. Another machine, more documents -- it's just too easy.

This time we find financial records, including an IRA application for a woman named Marilynne Boyd. Marilynne's husband Harold couldn't believe what we had.

"They have the address, the social security number, they have the date of birth, I mean it's ridiculous" he says while reading the paper we gave him. And it's all in one document.

"It basically becomes an identity thief's dream" says Sean O'Leary. He's the senior analyst for Digital Copier Security. He says laws that prevent the release of private information aren't being enforced when it comes to copier data.

He blames a lack of awareness by authorities and by the businesses themselves.

The moment a copier, rich with files, leaves, let's say, a medical office, patient privacy laws have been violated. "The medical practitioners lost control of that medical file at that point, and that's information that nobody should have" O'Leary says.

Juntunen's office is filled with hundreds of hard drives, many containing thousands of files.

This drive came to us from a customer who bought the used copier from that wholesaler in Sacramento.

He replaced it with a new one but noticed it was loaded with files. On it - a document full of names and numbers, but there was one that caught us by complete surprise - the private information of Caroline Kennedy, the political family scion, socialite and sometime candidate. We dialed Mrs. Kennedy's home number, and her husband Edwin Schlossberg answered.

He had no interest in talking about how their privacy was compromised, and asked us to tear up the paper.

The next day, Mrs. Kennedy's assistant called to tell us "Caroline appreciates us bringing this issue to her attention. She was very surprised to hear about this and was not aware [of the problem]."

That page is one of dozens that were retrieved from a copier recently used by the bay area's Omidyar Networks." It's a philanthropic investment firm and was established by Pierre Omidyar, the founder of E-bay.

Also on that drive - files containing Omidyar business partners: billionaire financier George Soros and Google.

Among the documents there were e-mails, account summaries, budgets, non-disclosure agreements, and the Omidyar's financial contributions. And there was a document that contained the signature of a Google vice president and general counsel.

Right now, no one has a legal responsibility to wipe copier drives clean of potentially damaging data. Warehouses all over America are full of used copy machines containing millions of files just waiting to be mined by unscrupulous criminal profiteers.

Even more worrisome is that an estimated 70 percent of these machines will ultimately land overseas in China, Europe, everywhere. And data-filled hard drives that are salvaged from machines sent to E-waste recyclers; many will wind up for sale online.

"[It's an] issue that's going to have major ramifications. It's going to hit like a ton of bricks when it does hit" warns O'Leary.

Meanwhile, consumers like Harold Boyd and his wife are left, at best, wondering what's next.

"Uh, you and I will sit down and talk about because we don't know what's out there now. I mean this really scares you" Harold tells his wife over the phone.

Omidyar Networks said it appreciated us bringing this issue to their attention, and that it's using built-in security systems to protect the data on its copiers.

There is security software that offers some protection for the data on those hard drives but experts say they're not always used, and they're not 100 percent effective.

Digital Copier Security says its efforts to raise awareness are being met with indifference by authorities, copier dealers and lawmakers.

They say copier companies are reluctant to tell their customers about this document retention issue, because it would likely cost them an extra hundreds of dollars on top of the copiers cost.

Also know that public copiers like those at grocery stores, drug stores, and copy centers all likely have hard drives. You may want to ask management about their privacy policy regarding the data that's stored on those machines.
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23 Feb. 2017 

As Soon When I Finished Beating My Cancer I Developed Night Sweats And Overcame That Too

Lymph node cancer or perhaps lymphoma is really a new cancer which makes up regarding approximately 5 percent of most cancers. Typically enlarged lymph nodes do not necessarily imply lymphoma. Chronic pain has a variety of different meanings in medicine.

To discover just a new little more about safe and also effective arthritis remedies as well as receive any free from cost 7 day report, Very Best Components for you to stop Arthritis Pain, visit Totally Free tshirt printing tampa Report. Cotton will absorb the sweat nevertheless whenever your own pajamas evaporate that sweat, they tend to be likely to cool down tension chills, which in turn might even develop within to a cold. many physicians advise which ladies getting hot flashes consider 400 IU associated with vitamin E twice each day, which usually can assist to eliminate their frequency and also severity. ( Chamomile can always be used medicinally to treat sore stomach, irritable bowel syndrome, in order that as a light sleep aid. By: Richard J Harington.

If a person believe that you've been also agitated for you to visit sleep, then transfer out of bed, maybe take a cool shower, or go and also sit within your lounge or perhaps sitting room, without your t. Some Other health-related circumstances and also illnesses that are unrelated for you to lymphoma similar to flu or an ulcer can be developed. Afterward gradually permit your own legs downward along with believe puff regarding air float across the physique to always be able to chill it down. It contains a new blend of different all-natural herbal products.

So, how will this Fire Monkey mild your heat within your oven?. Sheex can be one of the most well-liked brands about the market and sorry in order to say it doesn't occur low cost unless you choose a great sale. If your kitchen doesn't permit big groups, you are usually able to certainly team about social media. This kind of situation can be called osteoporosis as well as arises from your reduced amount regarding estrogen inside the particular bloodstream.

"We discovered that girls that will experienced symptoms after that they began menopause had fewer cardiovascular events as compared to those who experienced hot flashes late in menopause, or otherwise in all," Szmuilowicz concluded. Night sweats, unexplained fever, chronic fatigue along with unexplained excess weight loss. Boys don't need to don jeans. Cherry Tomatoes.

And the actual bottles containing edible oils or acidic items emerge with various resistance requirements. There's several evidence that will hot flashed are caused partly by higher levels regarding mit inside the mind referred to as norepinephrine. This specific item not merely alleviates many symptoms, however it may also leave an individual owning an all round sensation associated with well-being. While applied, this product creates a glasslike silicate bond deep within the actual pores of the concrete. The Girl story about how exactly exactly the lady survived cancer and night sweats having a Bed Fan can be inspiring.
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23 Feb. 2017 


Hello there, today we are going to talk about the 67 steps by Tai Lopez and are you curious to know what is it? then i will tell you about it shortly. First of all, let us identify and know who is Tai lopez and why he is becoming more and more popular these days.

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You could say that he is trying to share his success story with his beautiful new ferrari and lamborghini! or maybe his big house in hollywood hills! but one thing for sure is that, he shows them all to grab your attention on what he is going to explain after that... what has brought him to the place he is now which is a multi millionaire business man, author and investor.

Who is Tai Lopez?

Tai lopez is a multi millionaire business man, investor and author. Until now, we do not know the real reasons and methods on how he get so rich but one thing i sure he does is that he buy a lot of successful businesses and also invest some of his money at the same time.

In case, if you do not know, he also owns the biggest book club in the world which is called "The Knowledge Society". One other thing to share about him is that he claims to read a lot of books on business,self development and many other type of books and from his claim, i can know that he really reads a tai lopez 67 steps lot, i just know it when a person with full of knowledge speaks.

He also talks before at TedXtalk about why should you read a book a day and the law of 33%. The law of 33% tells about the time that you use everyday should be divided into three different section which are time spend with the people which is lower than you in level of accomplishment, the people which are your friends and at the same level as you and finally the people which are 10 to 20 years ahead of you.

What is the 67 steps and how it can change your life?

The 67 steps talk about the way, the methods, the understanding as well as the philosophy that you need to master in order to achieve the good life which Tai defines as successful in health, wealth, love and happiness.

In my opinion, Tai has successfully reached his goals except for the love one because he is never married yet but i can see and you can see in the picture above that he looks happy, and everyone know that he is super rich.

About the health one, he got a sixpack and his own personal gym at his house and he trains with a lot of physical trainer which some of them are quite famous.

Moving on to the 67 steps, the purpose of 67 steps is to change your mindset and rewire your brain for success in these four pillars which are health,wealth, love and happiness.

The 67 steps comprises of 67 video lectures on 67 topics that Tai and previous great changers of the world consider to be fundamental to your success. Once you enter into the 67 steps program, you will also unlock some amazing features that can help your life, some of them are how to read books faster and the secret investment of the ultra rich.

What Tai lopez is providing here is 67 gold nuggets that can be applied in our daily life in order to achieve the good life. There are a lot of testimonials out there about the 67 steps that i will not include here because this post has gone too long and you must have been overwhelmed with information, remember, you haven't enter the 67 steps yet.

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23 Feb. 2017 

Tabita skincare original

Ramai wanita hari ini amat mementingkan penjagaan wajah. Tidak kurang juga dengan lelaki. Mereka yang mementingkan penjagaan wajah ini biasanya mereka yang bekerjaya dan sangat teliti dalam penampilan.

Tabita skin care menjadi salah satu produk hangat harga tabita waktu ini. Bukan sahaja orang biasa, malah artis-artis dan orang berpangkat juga menggunakan produk dari Jakarta ini sebagai skin care mereka.

Namun di pasaran terdapat produk tabita tiruan atau tabita fake. Jadi, pelanggan seharusnya lebih berhati-hati dan memilih seller yang dipercayai sahaja untuk membeli tabita skin care yang original.

Tabita original boleh dilihat dari beberapa ciri sperti logo kecil DS di atas penutupnya, bentuk beg serta warna di dalam beg tabita. Jika di dalamnya warna hitam, itu adalah set tiruan. Set original tabita skincare di dalam begnya berwarna putih.

Hati-hati dengan tabita murah yang ditawarkan di pasaran. Biasanya seller takkan ambil tahu apa jadi pada anda selepas anda membeli dari mereka.

Harga tabita skin care yang kami jual adalah sekitar RM270. Jika ada promosi tabita, kami akan bagi diskaun. Bergantung pada promosi.

Ada desas desus yang mengatakan bahawa Tabita skin care berbahaya. Ada juga yang mencari efek samping cream tabita di google. Untuk makluman anda, jika kena caranya, tabita ini sama sahaja macam skin care lain yang terdapat dalam pasaran.

Beli tabita trial atau tabita exclusive set dari kami dan kami akan kongsikan cara penggunaan tabita yang disarankan. Atau kata lain, cara yang betul menggunakan skin care tabita.
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23 Feb. 2017 

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